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Business from new PEZA Park

Another potential source of DICT’s increased volume is the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA)­ registered industrial park near the terminal that will take off this year.

Two newly completed warehouses are already occupied by a fruit exporter/marketer, even as additional warehouses are now being constructed for future locators, Bonifacio B. Licayan (DICT VP) said. Also, a polymer manufacturer that has started building its production plant in the industrial park is expected to become operational within the year.

The port executive said the industrial park “will definitely improve the volume in DICT as the locators import a large portion of their inputs and then exports their produce through DICT.”

“With DICT’s proximity to the industrial park (about 300 meters away only), the locators will find the location and efficiency of DICT to their advantage. The locators will enjoy substantial savings in inland transport costs (both for their imported inputs and exports of their produce),” he said.

On the logistics side, he stated that locators will have an easy time monitoring and controlling all their shipments, as everything happens within a confined area away from the traffic congestion of the city.

“Likewise, with the very efficient operation of DICT, the locators can easily plan out all their cargo shipments and reach their market destinations in time. With reduced costs and efficient port operations, the locators’ produce will become very competitive in the global market,” Licayan explained.

More road projects

In terms of connectivity to the terminal, the Department of Public Works and Highways has built a strategic coastal highway that links DICT to Davao City down south, and to the northern municipalities and cities in the Davao Region (although still to be completed), so shippers can avoid the growing traffic congestion in the host Panabo City.

“So far, traffic has become very manageable and we expect this to be even better in the future with the completion of the northern link which is expected within the year,” Licayan said.

The terminal is also expecting the completion of the Davao-­Talaingod­-Sto.Tomas highway to shorten the route and strategically connect DICT to Central Mindanao/Bukidnon, which is also a major export agricultural producer.

“This will ensure that Central Mindanao’s export products will reach DICT and eventually the global market (on) time,” Licayan said.

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