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About DICT

The Davao International Container Terminal, Inc. (DICT) is one of the most modern container port terminals in the Philippines.

Formerly known as San Vicente Terminal and Brokerage Services, Inc. (SVT), DICT has a long history in port operations, servicing the stevedoring and arrastre requirements of break bulk shipments of fresh produce like bananas and pineapples in TADECO wharf. TADECO is the flagship company of ANFLOCOR and is considered as the global leader in the banana industry in terms of yield per hectare. As more and more cargoes are being shipped via refrigerated containers, DICT transformed to become the industry leader in port logistics in  the Philippines.

Offering world-class container terminal facilities and services in this heavily agricultural island region in the Philippines, DICT helps ensure the global competitiveness of Mindanao’s export-grade products.

Our Vision
Our Corporate Values

To be the leading provider of port services in Mindanao and thereby be a vehicle for the sustained upliftment of quality of life in Mindanao.

Our Mission

Our stockholders are the providers of resources and capital. We will ensure optimum results for their investment and be responsible stewards of their assets.

Our customers are the lifeblood of the Company. We will provide them with the best quality port services.

Our people are the principal resource and core drivers of the organization. We will provide a work-life balance, wholesome work environment and opportunities for advancement.

The communities where we operate support our operations and are our principal advocates. We will share our blessings with them through our Corporate Social Responsibility activities and by being good corporate citizens.


     Honest, trustworthy and fair

     Adherence to high ethical standards


     High competence

     Cohesive, efficient and responsible service

Respect for the Individual

     Recognize talents, abilities and achievement

     Tap into the potentials of our people by empowering  them through the responsible delegation of authority.


     Unity of purpose


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